If you are a U-BOX-IT Self Storage customer, please …


Adhere to the posted 5 mph speed limit, and approach corners carefully while traveling through the facility.

Store your belongings appropriately for their protection, and allow air flow by not over-stuffing your unit.

Remove all your trash and take it with you.

Be sure to lock your unit when you leave, and check to make sure you’ve left nothing on the ground around the unit (such as keys, a purse, etc.)

Visit your unit at least once a season, and when visiting in wintertime, be sure to bring lock de-icer, as well as a shovel to clear the area in front of your doors, after we’ve plowed.

Mind your children while visiting the facility.

Make sure to give us an email address for your account, so that you will receive time-sensitive and important updates and alerts related to winter weather, maintenance, power outages, etc.

Respect the privacy and rights of your neighboring renters.

Report any issues to the manager immediately, at 267-242-0289.