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U-BOX-IT storage boxes are totally portable. If it makes sense for your situation, we can put a U-BOX-IT unit along side of your home or business to keep for as long as you need it*. When you’re ready, we can pick it up empty and end the rental, or, if you still need to store your stuff for longer, we can pick up the loaded box loaded and bring it back at our nearby U-BOX-IT self storage location. There you will get secured, but unlimited 24/7 access to your box for as long as you want. Again when you are ready, you can empty the box right there at our place, or we can deliver the loaded box back to your home or business.

Total Portability!

Why hassle with renting a truck to move your stuff to self storage? U-BOX-IT’s delivery prices are based on low, flat zone rates that are usually less expensive than the typical cost of a truck rental. (See “Delivery” for flat rates and special promotions in your area.) If you thinking about renting self storage space, you should consider having a U-BOX-IT delivered to you…loading it at your place…and then having us pick it up and take it back to our place. EASY!

Call now, toll free, for information on how quickly we can deliver to you…877-269-1553.

Would you prefer self storage without the delivery? Click on “Self Storage” to see how U-BOX-IT can work for you.

*Please check with your local authorities and/or property owner (if you are a tenant) about any regulations or ordinances restricting location or duration of the placement of a storage box at your location.